3 Clinical Ingredients

Testosterone Support & Improved Performance*

In clinical testing, KSM-66® promotes healthy testosterone levels within the normal range and cardiorespiratory endurance in men.*

Reduce Body Fat*

In clinical testing, Chromax® helped improve body fat reduction and lean muscle mass when combined with diet and exercise.*

Better Nutrient Absorption*

In clinical testing Bioperine® significantly enhanced the bioavailability of various nutrients.*


Clinically Proven & Award Winning

World’s Best Ashwagandha

KSM-66 results over a duration of 8 week study when compared to placebo group

(Muscle Strength change is based on maximal sustainable single-repetition load –1RM)



I’m 57 and I still have all the energy of my younger self. I am able to stay active, workout, and most importantly spend time traveling and staying active with my wife and family. I’ve always been a person that lived a healthy lifestyle and Weider Prime is the perfect addition to my lifestyle.

— Rick Blair, Weider CEO


This chart shows the range of average testosterone levels for men as they age. As men age they typically experience a steady decline in total testosterone – about 1% each year after middle age.


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